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Help Your Clients While Earning Additional Revenue For Your Business. It's A Win-Win.

Partner with our experienced team to take your client’s customer acquisition program to new heights.


Here Is How The Referral Program Works

1. You Make An Introduction

Our partners typically have the most success by connecting us with the client through a simple introductory email.

2. Register Your Referral

Use our referral form below to register the lead you referred or mentioned us to. This helps us track our referrals to ensure we get you paid.

3. You Get Paid

Once your referral becomes Admonki client, you’ll receive a 10% commission of their monthly payments

Referral Partnership: The Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Help your clients while earning additional revenue for your business. It’s a win-win.


Our partners have the most success by introducing us through email to the client.

Here is an example of how to refer us through email:

“Hello [Client Name],

I wanted to connect you with Anwar from Admonki, he will be able to help with your Google Ads we discussed.”

We are senior digital marketers with diverse experience in many industries and channels. We can assist you with other marketing efforts such as marketing strategy, landing pages, website builds, SEO, and paid social advertising. It’s best to reach out to us to discuss this matter further.

Payouts occur after the new, referred client’s third month of billing.

Partners will be paid via PayPal or any other preferred payment method. 

Managed Over

$ 10M

Google Ads

With Over


Years of Experience 

Register Your Referral

Mentioned us to a client or prospect? Help us get you paid by filling out the referral form below. This is how we tracked which partner referred us for a lead.

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